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Fitting in 1.2.03

I keep coming back to the ‘not fitting in with the team” excuse used to get rid of or not hire women in these male dominated spaces. And I keep asking myself could I have fit in better?

Self help books recommend honest and thoughtful self inventory, so here’s thoughtful list of things I did to fit in:

1. Started wearing higher neck camis and tanks under everything after catching several coworkers staring at/down my top.


2. Volunteered to help with shared office cleaning duties (women’s work.)

3. Did not say no when I was asked to organize/help entire office move (again, women’s work.)


4. Freely helped coworkers with questions/problems.

5. Helped new hires get their footing (because you know, women are nurturers.)

6. Did not question one particular offensive co-workers strange and disturbing obsession with Hillary Clintons pantsuits.


7. Learned to focus somewhere else when coworkers continually adjusted, scratched or otherwise played with their genitals (SO MUCH BALL SCRATCHING, seriously see a doctor if things are that bad down there.)

8. Learned to walk loudly and cough or otherwise indicate my presence when approaching groups of men so they could quickly change the conversation.


9. Gave up my expectation that mangement would deal with the culture.

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