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You asked for it

Every government employee knows a story of shocking incompetence, abuses of power, and the flagrant misuse of tax payer money. But not many have experience with the convoluted humiliating EEO process that you have to endure to file a claim of harassment. With regards to your career filing an EEO complaint is akin to burning down your house, shooting at the firefighters that respond, and then telling your insurance agency to keep their fucking money.

Of all the horrible insulting remarks I heard during my time as a civilian programmer for the USAF the most upsetting one by far was made by a senior manger in response to a claim of harassment; ”we moved her around because she didn’t fit in with the teams.” Aforementioned teams being compromised of men who made jokes about their wives lack of interest in performing blow jobs, theories that women were dumb, illogical, and productive suggestions like the daily “stand up” meetings be held at the urinals. AT THE UNRINALS BECAUSE THEY HAD PENISES.


So remember ladies, if you don’t fit in with your team, it’s probably because you can’t use the urinal.

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